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Power the Community

An International College Design Competition

Energy Mentors is excited to announce the "Power the Community: An International College Design Competition" for the 2023-2024 academic year. This competition offers a global platform for students to showcase their creativity and skills in designing the energy infrastructure for a community of 2,000 families underpinned by affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy.  Winner to receive $10,000 Cash Grand Prize.

The Challenge

The Challenge: The world faces a triple challenge of access to affordable energy, security and resiliency of energy supplies, and sustainability in the lifecycle use of energy. Innovative solutions are needed to meet these challenges; this is where students come in! The competition challenges student teams to design the energy infrastructure for a community of 2,000 families that meet these challenges using a first-principle, interdisciplinary, and integrative design approach.

Who Can Participate

The competition is open to undergraduate and graduate student teams from all nations. We encourage teams to design solutions that meet the needs of their local communities, using locally available capabilities and components from worldwide supply chains.

Untitled design (17).png
Untitled design (16).png

The Prize

The winning team will receive the "Energy Innovators Award" by Energy Mentors and a Grand Prize of $US 10,000! Moreover, this competition provides students with a valuable opportunity to jump-start their careers in sustainable energy and positively impact the world.

Timeline For Competition

Blue Modern Company History Timeline Infographic (4).png

Expression of Intrest/Pre-Registration


Dare. Begin. Finish!

We want to emphasize that this design competition is an opportunity to challenge yourself, learn, and grow. We encourage you to leverage best practices and explore beyond existing paradigms.

Are you ready to accept the challenge? What solutions can you bring to your local communities? Will you seize the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge, brainstorm, design, innovate, and improve your corner of the world? We hope you will dare to begin and see this through to the finish line. Good luck!

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