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"You cannot teach a person anything. You can only help him discover it within themselves."

~Galileo Galilei


"You cannot teach a person anything. You can only help him discover it within themselves."

~Galileo Galilei

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In Power the Community Competition 2024

(The Deadline for Team Registration & Team Submission is May 15, 2024)

What We Offer

Mentoring the next generation of students and under-served communities to shape our shared, sustainable energy future.

A Message From Our Founder

Don Victory 

How can a rising graduate or undergraduate student tap industry experience when faced with thesis work or personal career decisions?


How can an under-resourced community launch and implement an energy “roadmap” to gain better access to lower carbon energy?

These types of questions started the journey to create Energy Mentors.  

Energy Mentors seek to build a virtual legion of professionals to pass forward at scale accumulated "crystallized intelligence" to a new generation.  We aim to aid communities and public entities looking to participate more fully in energy prosperity.  Finally, we aspire to collaborate with other non-profits in advancing energy technology and policy development.

After forty years as an energy professional, it seemed like a time for me to work differently.  Perhaps my crystallized knowledge and mentoring can assist a rising generation of energy doers and innovators deliver a more accessible, sustainable, and resilient shared energy prosperity. 


We prefer that you donate your time and energy!   We'd love to use your skills, talents, and crystallized intelligence to enhance the lives of our program recipients!

We rely on support from people like you to fund our operations; your contributions help conduct our programs here at Energy Mentors.

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​Making the first step towards sustainability is often the hardest thing to do as we navigate the energy field. Energy Mentors will provide services to rising students and professionals starting their careers.  Energy Mentors will assist communities and public entities who wish to navigate and better participate in the benefits of energy prosperity. 

Energy Mentors is a platform and virtual hub for professionals to mentor, network, and collaborate.  We are striving to make volunteering an excellent experience for all.  We can carve out a foundation for energy sustainability in the years to come by our dedication and commitment to mentoring future generations with our team's vast crystallized intelligence.

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