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Mentoring has MANY advantages in today's economy as we are bringing knowledge from great minds who have developed industry norms to the current generation of doers and thinkers. At Energy Mentors we are looking to take mentees and grow their potential through one-on-one sessions that help them to develop insight and understanding of energy prosperity while providing past experiences and lessons.  

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Working Together

Whether you are retired, semi-retired, or looking for something to fill in extra time, we have various outreach programs looking for dedicated mentors like yourself.   With the growing demand for renewable energy solutions, Energy Mentors work to help bring energy prosperity to underserved communities and other non-profits who wish to collaborate on energy prosperity.  There is no doubt that global energy consumption is growing, and with that in mind, we want to help bring sustainability, new technology, and renewable options into a welcoming environment.  

Why Mentoring?

Energy Mentors believe that by working with energy professionals with vast knowledge and experiences, we can elevate the next generation to gain the same knowledge and experiences while growing and developing themselves and their ideas. 

We are proud that our myriad of mentors can help bring clarity to individuals looking to explore the energy field.  Energy Mentors also take a reverse mentoring approach when we take the new technology and process of our mentees and see how we can adapt, accept and change the advancement to a more sustainable energy initiative.  

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Benefits of being an Energy Mentor

When you are a mentor, you are not only able to provide a mentee with knowledge but can benefit from the experience as well.  As a mentor, you can achieve an incredible feeling of satisfaction as you help to develop a protege for the energy industry.   Being a mentor also allows you to look at your knowledge base from a different perspective as you are a teacher and a student of new opportunities and innovations.  To be genuinely knowledgeable, they must accept that you will always learn more every day.  Through mentoring, you can also find a rejuvenation of yourself as you gain a new perspective on energy prosperity.

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