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World Energy Trilemma Index

Healthy energy systems are secure, equitable and environmentally sustainable … Maintaining this balance in context of rapid transition to decentralised, decarbonised and digital systems is challenging with the risk of passive trade-offs between equally critical priorities.


World Health Organization

Household air pollution is generated by the use of inefficient and polluting fuels and technologies in and around the home that contains a range of health-damaging pollutants, including small particles that penetrate deep into the lungs and enter the bloodstream. In poorly ventilated dwellings, indoor smoke can have levels of fine particles 100 times higher than acceptable. Exposure is particularly high among women and children, who spend the most time near the domestic hearth. Reliance on polluting fuels and technologies also require significant time for cooking on an inefficient device, and gathering and preparing fuel.

NJ Ayuk is the Executive Chairman of the African Energy Chamber and below you will find his articles on how the world continues to weigh its demands for energy against the creeping realities of man-made climate change.


Philip Johnston, PhD provides insight into how to learn the landscape quickly.  The following links complement Energy Mentor’s links which skew to our ideas on "How To Do Energy Better"

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