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American Energy Transition


Saturday, May 6, 2023

Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar


12:30 PM


3:00 PM

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American Energy Transition Forum (Houston, 23-24 October, 2023) announces Don Victory, former Upstream Chief Process Engineer at ExxonMobil and Founder and Chair of Energy Mentors, as event Chairman

It is an immense pleasure to welcome Don Victory as a CHAIRMAN of the AMERICAN ENERGY TRANSITION FORUM in Houston, 23-24 October! 🌿

Don Victory, former Upstream Chief Process Engineer at #ExxonMobil, is the Founder and Chair of Energy Mentors, a 501(c)(3) charity sponsoring “Power the Community - an International College Design Competition” to design #affordable#reliable, and #sustainable #energy for a #community of 2,000 families. Energy Mentors is also co-sponsoring a 150-student energy internship program with the India Institute of Technology – Ropar for students in South Asia and Africa during May and June 2023. With over 40 years of experience in #research#operations, capital project management, and risk assessment, Don's focus areas include #sustainability#energy #transition, integrative design, and mentoring innovation deployments.

Thank you for your participation, lets work together for a sustainable world!

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